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The New Italian

Seasonal dining has never been so exciting as BOTTLES change things up with a refreshed team and innovative new menu.

If we told you there’s a little corner of Spitalfields that can instantly transport you to the streets of Sicily, or the trattorias of Bologna, would you believe us?

Elegant wine bar BOTTLES are doing just that, as an inspiring new food menu joins their unrivalled line-up of Italian wines.

The arrival of young Head Chef Edoardo sees an exciting emphasis on the very best seasonal produce from Italy and the UK, creating pretty plates evocative of Italian favourites alongside thrilling fusion dishes.

Edoardo explains:

“The concept is of course about seasonality and the freshness of the dishes. I love to use ingredients that are fragrant and full of flavour. I chose the ingredient first and grow the menu up around it”.


Salt Cod Croquettes

While salt cod croquettes may seem like a Mediterranean menu staple, there is absolutely nothing standard about this dish.

Here, puffed balls of crispy quinoa burst as you bite to reveal a soft Northern Italian salt cod filling, all delicately topped with fennel, capers and onions pickled in Lambrusco vinegar.

Lamb Gyoza, Umeboshi Sauce

Edoardo’s love of Asian ingredients is mixed with traditional Italian technique for the BOTTLES Lamb Gyoza with Umeboshi Sauce.

Lamb with rice vinegar, soy, leeks, cabbage and spring onions are encased in a light “button” dumpling made from flour and water, placed in hot water with oil and then grilled, before being topped with shredded leeks in sirk grape vinegar.

Homemade Goat Cheese Ravioli

In a menu packed with attractive dishes, we think this one might just have the Instagrammable edge.

Perfect raviolo made with goats cheese and swiss chard sit lined up in the bowl, each carefully-topped with hazelnut and marjoram. You’re then invited to pour on the colourful beetroot sauce, creating picture perfection.


Octopus Taco

Another new dish mixing the very best world flavours is the Octopus Taco.

The tacos made in-house, using Molini del Ponte flour from Sicily, are loaded with grilled Galician octopus, a simply guacamole, seasonal herbs and a chimichurri made from shallot, red & green chilli and ginger.

Cornish Cod

Showcasing the UK’s favourite fish, this Main sees Cornish Cod paired with Shitake mushrooms, spring onion puree, sea purslane and “sour potatoes”.

The small Cornish potatoes are tossed in Italian sirk grape vinegar, making the whole dish feel like a very sophisticated take on a classic fish and chip supper.

Nutmeg Tartlet

True to Edoardo’s concept of building a dish around the freshest ingredients, delicious Italian apricots shine in the Nutmeg Tartlet.

Already a winning dessert, the tart is topped with a homemade white chocolate ice cream that we’d happily eat all on its own.