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Ricebrother’s Guide to Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year, let Kathy, the founder of Ricebrother, inspire you, as we talk food & festivities.

How do you traditionally celebrate Chinese New Year?

I celebrate Chinese New Year by eating a large meal with my family, the same way the majority of Chinese families will celebrate the festival. Children receive red envelopes from their parents, families – one of the most excited timing when I was a child. Nowadays, we also send friends and family digital red envelopes through Chinese multi-purpose messaging and social media app called WeChat to symbolise good luck.

After a big meal on the New Year’s Eve, we start playing Chinese card games, kids games and watch TV until the midnight. In our family, we normally have this authentic Chinese dessert called ‘tang yuan’ (mochi-like balls stuffed with black sesame, red bean or peanut paste) in the late evening, which symbolises family togetherness.

What’s your favourite food to eat around Chinese New Year?

During Chinese New Year, we normally eat many meals at home with friends and family. I just love all the dishes cooked by my Grandma. Such as Chinese braised pork, her special fish fried rice, ginger and spring onion seafood etc. She is the best chef ever for me.

Where else in London who you recommend to eat for CNY?

Personally I love the foods in Royal China Club near Baker Street. Also, love the Beijing Roast duck from MIN JIANG Restaurant near High Street Kensington

How is your CNY different here in London from back in China?        

For me is the atmosphere mainly. During this special holiday, everybody from the family, no matter where in China they work during the year, will always come back to their home town and celebrate the festival with their family. Is one of those times when you can see most of the family members. Just a very valuable moment that you can catch up and hang out with all the loved ones. It is simply great to see the smiles from all the older generations like my Grandma when she sees everybody is back, surrounding her and having fun, chatting, eating. It really is one of the best moments.