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Supal Desai’s Best of Old Spitalfields Market

Explore Old Spitalfields Market with travel lifestyle blogger Supal Desai. Let her take you to her favourite place and get inspiration for the best weekdays shops, restaurants and cafes in the Market, from morning to evening.

One of the wonderful things about London is that it is a city that has something for everyone, no matter the time of day and no matter where you are. I always saw Old Spitalfields Market as a place people came to grab a quick bite mid-day on the way between meetings or during office hours, as it is perfectly positioned in the banking area. However, I’ve recently rediscovered how much more this market has to offer. From wellness, to food and first-class shopping, Old Spitalfields Market shouldn’t just be your stop for lunch, but for morning, day and night! Here’s are a few of the places that I loved and visited throughout the day!


Old Spitalfields in Mornings

I like to start my morning productively, which is why I prefer to start it at Soma House. Soma sits right above the market in a quiet nook of its own making it super inviting with its very earthy feel in the industrial space. Training at Soma House focuses on a cross-training first method that utilizes the principles of Hot Yoga in workout classes covering strength, cycle, barre, ballet and pilates. I went for the pilates work out and it made me want more! Great for people who want to challenge their fitness a bit more, and adding a hot element to any workout really pushes you!


If I’m taking a rest day from the gym, I like to grab a cup of coffee at Rapha – a cyclist geeks’ heaven where cyclist meet before rides or to watch a race. If you work in the area, it’s a great place to stop by right before heading into the office and having a cup perched up against the window watching the city wake up. They may be a cycling shop but they take their coffee seriously, so don’t miss out.

Old Spitalfields Market during the Day


If you’re new to the area, Old Spitalfields Market is always bustling and especially around the Kitchens! The Kitchens are a set of food vendors that specialize in all sorts of incredible cuisines from American to Middle Eastern to Indian and Asian street food. I love going for dumplings at Dumpling Shack or the Reuben Sandwich at Monty’s Deli. If I’m feeling a bit cheeky and need an afternoon pick-me-up then I go for a doughnut from Donovans Bakehouse, fluffy Taiwanese wheelcakes from Wheelcake Island or a lamington from Department of Coffee and Social Affairs!


Aside from food, Old Spitalfields Market has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping! Mercantile is where I picked up a few fashion-focused pieces that are trendy, bright and vibrant. Always with the most gorgeous and inviting handprinted windows, Mercantile is a longstanding independent boutique, sourcing brands locally and globally, new and vintage, across different price points too! It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for stunning accessories, an outfit for an event, or need to add a bit of color to your wardrobe! On top of all that, Mercantile is bringing you a lot of sustainable fashion.

But don’t forget about the market stalls. Regular traders and weekend guest market traders bring you crafter goods, fashion, accessories, homeware and even cosmetics that are mostly made in London. Check out some of the traders here.


Old Spitalfields Market by Night


One thing I never realized was how bustling the market can be during the evening hours. It’s the perfect sanctuary if you’re looking for quality food and drink then Old Spitalfields Market has got you covered on all fronts. Go to Bottles with some friends for quality wine experience alongside cheese, charcuterie and indulgent Italian finger foods. If you’re after cocktails, then Bar III is the latest addition to Old Spitalfields Market. Blixen’s partnership with Three Sheets in Dalston, Bar III brings together exceptionally curated cocktails. With modern techniques, the cocktail menu is split into three sections from light to full bodied cocktail experience ensuring that there’s something for everyone!

For a quality dinner option either then Blixen is the place to go. It’s the perfect venue if you’re looking for a treat, date night or even if you’re feeling like a girls dinner with some cocktails and food. Upon entering, you’re completely taken away by the gorgeous design. As an old converted bank, you have the grand layout and then in-between are the bold colors, luxe design and eclectic gem tones. It’s an incredible space that makes even more beautiful food and drinks. We started off with cocktails, which were cleverly done. On to food andBlixen’s delicious seasonal menu takes fresh local ingredients and reinvents and elevates comfort foods. From pastas to Asian buns to beautiful cuts of meats and fish, everything here takes as good as it looks. And it looks great.

Chevrons & Éclairs is a travel lifestyle blog written by Supal Desai. You can read more about what to do in London with her tips and guides here.